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memorial areas

Memorial Gardens: Family and friends of loved ones have beautified and dedicated areas in the park in memorium. If you are interested in creating and maintaining a special area in the park dedicated to your loved one, please contact the park superintendent.

Will L. Thompson MemorialWill L. Thompson Memorial: Located just inside the main entrance of the park at the flag pole area.

Time CapsuleThe Time Capsule:
Located on the upper circle of the park and walkable from the inside parking lot near the main entrance, the Time Capsule sits on the right side of the walking area and down from the superintendent’s house.


The Veteran's Memorial WallThe Veteran’s Memorial Wall: Located near the main entrance on the upper lawn, to the left of the flag pole area, and above the water fountain across from the inside parking lot.


Carol Hager MemorialCarol Hager Memorial:
Located in the lot between the tennis courts and the inside parking lot from the main entrance.


Volunteer Flower Garden MemorialVolunteer Flower Garden:Many gardens like this are located throughout the upper circle of the park. The easiest way to get to the upper circle is through the main entrance located at the intersection of Park Boulevard and Park Way.


Weingard Memorial GardenWeingard Memorial Garden: Located in the upper circle of the park from the main entrance, the Weingard Memorial Garden sits on the right side of the walking circle down from the superintendent’s house and the Time Capsule.


Ralph E. Johnson Memorial AmphitheaterRalph E. Johnson Memorial Amphitheater and The Patrick Steps: These dedicated memorials can be found at the outdoor amphitheater.