Just explain that we can always work together on an ad-hoc basis on those issues where we do agree, allowing each party the freedom to have their own opinions on those issues where we dont. The crowd-funding website Patreon takes a cut and whatevers left goes to Chapo. You know that some Jew shit is going on. [3], Unlike the mainstream media, who have written countless obituaries of the Alt Right (only to say in the next breath that white supremacy is the gravest threat to the nation), Chapo do not see White Nationalism going away anytime soon, and understand that it is a phenomenon independent of Trump. dude, right wing polemics are 99% insults and 1% academic citations. Sometimes its funny or genuinely clever. There are only two way you can explain Jewish success: you can either be a racist or you can be a conspiracy theorist. literally all the scientific evidence shows that there are many many biological differences in race such as in-group preference and IQ which is the greatest predictor of intelligence and life outcome that we have which is why both the military and police test for them dummy. Its unavoidable. Chapoism is attractive to young whites because being a Chapoist requires a great deal less white self-loathing than the explicitly anti-white neoliberal Left does. "LIV, backed by the $676 B Saudi sovereign wealth fund, was accused on Tuesday of using its US lawsuit against PGA to 'build an intelligence file' on families of 9/11 victims who have been critical of the kingdom and its new professional golf circuit." bloomberg.com Saudi-Backed LIV Golf Is Using PGA Suit to Get Data on 9/11 Families, Court Told To sum up, theyre a bunch of fags (even the chick), and their book is a bunch of commie bullshit. Maybe its something bad. After leaving Capitol, he self-produced and released an EP, The Ballroom Break-in. Do they really believe that any day now, all these POCs are going to skip the Cardi B and Tyler Perry movies and start reading Marx? According to the article, "the Sanders campaign maintains a close relationship with the podcast. This kind of cultural exploitation of white themes by blacks (mainly talentless) is a base form of cultural appropiation, is unlistenable, and it has to stop. The worst part about the chapoids is that theyre not funny. . Club called the show "tremendously funny" and said "it feels like an absolutely essential listen". Was there a secret club of scientist-kings meeting in the shadows and writing things like Might is Right that Ive never heard of until now? If it was a choice for another team to racially discriminate against whites, they could easily gain an advantage over the affirmative action team where blacks are not being oppressed due to their race. Some think he left to do comedy, others think he just wanted to stop fighting. "Brandon J. may be young, but he knows exactly what he wants in life and is. I hate the Beatles in a way, but still like a few songs. If Jews are better than us in some ways, good for them. An estimated 150 injuries and homicides resulted from the programme, and one of the weapons, a Barrett .50-calibre rifle, was found in Guzmns hideout after he was last captured. Around this time he also began breaking into various hotels, ballrooms and schools in order to use a piano to practice with pianos so he could practice. Discussing politics in a multicultural society requires talking about other groups. It's the same reason Bernie Sanders did so well in 2016, and why AOC and others like her have such overwhelming support from their constituents disillusionment with the Democratic establishment and mainstream politics as a . However, he seemingly disappeared from . All Im just saying if Jews can be smarter than whites, then why I cant whites just be smarter than blacks? Why Did Brendan Fraser Have So Many Surgeries? Even liberals who hate the police in theory like having the police around whereas blacks like having some breathing room. James began teaching himself piano at the age of 19 and also started writing and composing songs. Trying to do things that are unnatural has bad results. You rightwing ganglia are so petty, stupid, bitter and utterly incompetent at living alongside *the other* that instead of doing the higher-brain human work of working together toward some common goal you honestly believe you could undertake the massive project of *exterminating* or *displacing* non-whites so that you can live in some ridiculous idealized version of reality of a white paradise or some shit. If Whites were less intelligent or rich on average than the Blacks, would Blacks help White people as we help them now ? Thus, Chapo Trap House took on a couple of affirmative action hires: the aforementioned chick and some Oriental guy. With the Clef Hangers he would sing solo covers of "I Can't Make You Love Me", "Father Figure", and "Die Without You," songs that were later released on compilation CDs from the group. Some of its not bad but ultimately economic theory is not my forte. 'It's a bit weird. And yet who is the only demographic that treats global warming as a serious threat? Its unknown. In My Life, among others. [34] The creators of the game, Studio ZA/UM, lauded the podcast on Twitter, saying they had been "huge [Chapo] fans since the beginning". After leaving Capitol, he self-produced and released an EP, The Ballroom Break-in. You dont know. Chapo Trap House would like you to know that they are not liberals. So they had to change the rules of the game to make acting like Woody Allen become the definition of cool. Time will tell whose relevance will fade, I wouldnt place my bets on that being us. They got tired of gentiles being cooler than them, so they changed the definition of cool to make it mean them. Abstractions are not demanding reparations from me. The mass immigration into Europe has brought nothing but a rape gang epidemic a terrorism epidemic an acid attack epidemic and an African knife crime epidemic in England it has driven down the wages of native Europeans and reduced us to minorities in many of our major cities and towns and left us unable to even enter certain areas in our own countries. In that sense Jews have won. Hidden behind some provocative language were some important arguments. race realism you mean actual science ? If you made any other points, I missed them. Do that, and a lot more of these people will get red-pilled in short order and begin to question the official narrative on other subjects besides just foreign policy and economics. whats sad and pathetic about yall white supremacists is youre not even using this paranoia to make money, youre just using it to uhh intellectually justify being bitter, paranoid, and angry about the worlds problems. I mean, Fatima once happened, but there has never been a scientific study showing that all races have equal intelligence. The collaboration began a friendship between the two and Kandel helped spur James's interest in music. Im sure the article is good but I had to skim. But I guess to pose that question is to answer it. Back at the University of North Carolina, James joined the Clef Hangers, an a cappella group. Print out this article and take it to a neurologist. If you ask me, I dont know why they didnt just call it Two Hebes, Two Dweebs, and a Chick. Conversely, the problem for the DSA is that they only appeal to white people, yet white people are becoming a progressively smaller proportion of the Democratic Party. Would you take winning on every other issue if you could let us win on this one issue? If approved, it will appear here soon. However, Brendan suddenly vanished from the public eye for years after that and left fans . Even liberals who hate the police in theory like having the police around whereas blacks like having some breathing room. Africas population will grow to 4 billion by the end of this century and whites are headed for extinction. Because if the above photos say anything, its that while white people are willing to drive hundreds of miles to these stupid rallies to show their support for dealing with climate change, POCs by and large are not even willing to cross the street to do it. Who had to justify what to whom? One time, he was talking about how its those darned bankers who are screwing over the working class, and those confounded pharmaceutical countries are getting rich destroying the lives of honest proles, and the no-good medias not reporting on any of it. On top of this, AOCs social circle appears to be overwhelmingly white, and she exclusively dates white men. You can change your choices at any time by visiting your privacy controls. The GOP will always be an overwhelmingly white thing for the foreseeable future. Iran? Home; Our Practice; Services; What to expect. When the hosts mentioned the name of Massachusetts Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren during a live event, the crowd hissed. Hed lose but it would split Trumps base and cause a lot of chaos. They would never do that. We have the same target demographic: above average-IQ whites who really dig irony, history, political theory, and all that white stuff. There is a very 90s vibe to what Chapo do. Chapo Trap House is an American left-wing political podcast founded in March 2016 and hosted by Will Menaker, Matt Christman and Felix Biederman with Amber A'Lee Frost as a recurring co-host. [26], Avid fans of Chapo Trap House are called Grey Wolves, a joke referencing the neo-fascist, nationalist Turkish movement of the same name. If you were younger, you were off the hook for events of which you were completely unconscious. Good for keeping organised labour divided and impotent. Your email address will not be published. After covering the Iraq War and the Cuban Revolution, in season three Blowback co-hosts Brendan James and Noah Kulwin now turn to the Korean War. Do you really believe that even if Belgians were running the show that the system, by its very nature, would still inevitably lead to wars in the Middle East which, by sheer coincidence, happen to benefit Israels strategic interests? It depends on your morality. The Russian and Belarusian air forces began a joint exercise Monday in Belarus, which borders Ukraine and served as a staging ground for Russia's Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine.The drills are set to run through Feb. 1, the Belarusian Defense Ministry said. They are frankly too smart not to know. Who wants to be 'Liberal' anymore? "Pieper and Brendan have been dating for a few . True, the Chapoist agrees with most of the neoliberals racial oppression narratives, that race is a social construct, and that the only reason blacks have not thrived is because of white racism and all that. In a recent interview the actress spoke . Search for: Recent Posts. Those issues just dont concern them. The other guys are okay(-ish) at backing you up, but everyone knows youre the talent of the enterprise. In a shocking Instagram post, it has been revealed that one of the Gallagher kids might not return in "Shameless" Season 8. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. The goal of our overlords is the destruction of white people because we are the only group with the intelligence and the organizational prowess to overthrow them. The couple first connected through shared Bachelor Nation connections after they both appeared on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, respectively. Say we just go with your silly race-realist game, the same tired stopgap yall use to maintain your bitter, self-centered, sanctimonious worldviewjust for a second.have you ever thought of the fact that *if its true* that black ppl, latinos, whatever, just *arent as smart* as whites, if this just so happens to have some basis in science.wouldnt that mean that measures like affirmative action would be *even more necessary*? In an address to the media after the verdict was handed down, US government officials emphasised this point and the role of illegal fentanyl in perpetuating the opioids crisis. Since entering retirement, he has tended to maintain a low profile. Subsequently, the podcast has become the intellectual epicenter of the Dirtbag Left, and has been influential in the recent rise of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). "After taking time to begin to process the events that unfolded over the past few days, I have realized I was wrong on so many. Id love to read more like this. There has never been a hard divide between the state and traffickers in Mexico. I wouldnt even call my b-sides collection Chapo Trap House. How I start my morning: Matt Christman: I get up somewhere between 9 and 10 and then I go on the internet. James was also getting his songs on more television shows, like So You Think You Can Dance, Bones and Army Wives. At some point, people have to want to eat their veggies. These are the kinds of people who voted for Ralph Nader. I mean, look at this shit. The latest, i suppose in the wake of John Legend, is black women mimicing country- and folk-styled crap. There is no collective consciousness rising. So I want to speak directly to you, Matt, gentile to gentile. It was bad enough when Jews were doing it, notably Robert Zimmermans multiple thefts from, e.g. Thats the entirety of racial difference. Trump himself, with his Heritage Foundation brain trust and Goldman Sachs cabinet, may look like a creampuff compared to the next generation of Republican demagogues who take the bloodthirsty, nativist, white-power ideology far more seriously. This was pushed back to July 2012. [48], 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary contest, The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason, 2020 United States presidential election cycle, "The Pied Pipers of the Dirtbag Left Want to Lead Everyone to Bernie Sanders", "Hardcover Nonfiction Books Best Sellers Sept. 9, 2018 The New York Times", "Meet Chapo Trap House: The Funniest and Most F**ked Up New Podcast About Media and Politics", "Hated by the Right. Episodes dont follow a set format, but they tend to focus on current events or controversies in the news cycle or on Twitter. This is mainly because both movements appeal almost exclusively to white people, and when you get a bunch of white people together, certain white quirks are going to predominate. Dave Chappelles WacArnolds sketch, which satirized the idea that fast-food jobs would help reduce black poverty, critiqued capitalism on Comedy Central twelve years before Chapo premiered. A strange sensation came over me and I started supporting my own racial interests!. Try keeping your insults to less than 70% of your polemic. Let the guys at Daily Shoah or TRS worry about this Cholo Ebolo Ham Pram Club, and let CC continue to proselytize from its position of strength: targeting not the enemy believers, but the enemy belief itself. So of course, they would disagree . Its like an exchange between a teacher and a student; the faculty can bicker among itself, and the student body is free to revel in conflict about who is right and wrong, but a teacher spatting with a student crosses a boundary, and the students are not likely to ever pick the teachers side. Who knows? James was born Brendan James Ernst in Nashua, New Hampshire on 17 July 1979, to parents Patricia and Randy, and is of Irish and German descent. Translation in the comments", "Elizabeth Warren's exit interview is a warning for the dirtbag left", "The raging controversy over "Bernie Bros" and the so-called dirtbag left, explained", "Reddit, Acting Against Hate Speech, Bans 'The_Donald' Subreddit", "Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules", "Reddit Brings the Banhammer Down on r/The_Donald and 2,000 Other Subs", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Chapo_Trap_House&oldid=1133226927, Short description is different from Wikidata, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 12 January 2023, at 20:01. First, despite whatever strawman you might believe, we dont claim that Whites are better at everything than other groups. So lets start small: ad-hoc coalitions on issues of mutual concern. Oct 1, 2021 1:35 pm. I don't put anything on my face. The right believe that white people are entitled to our own countries just like every other race and ethnic group of people on earth while the left seek to flood all white homelands with as much mass immigration as humanly possible reducing us to minorities in our own homelands and robbing us of any kind of political power over our own societies ! Bond? And you have to admit his articles are pretty entertaining, while the rest of the content on this site doesnt seem to share the same plebeian scope. An Irishman immediately turns Scottish the moment he converts to Protestantism. Many of their concerns are legitimatethe economy, for example, is indeed shit. For one . And Chapo get what White Nationalism is about better than about ninety-nine percent of the Left, and even a large portion of the Right (though they may choose to play dumb when it suits them). Time will tell if Brendan and . The Twitter user, who joined the platform in. The truth is that people who are a social burden, i.e consumers of welfare rather than net tax payers are bringing humanity down. Its fucking hilarious. But it is absolutely imperative that you lose the Jews as soon as possible. In 2008 he signed with Decca Records. Democratically-elected Chilean socialist Salvador Allende? Even if you were to say Its not biological. The Carter Family (many more). If black kids are better athletes but dont have the same high IQ as white kids, shouldnt they *have their own standardized tests* to reflect that discrepancy in order to have a more equitable, harmonious society? James had an early interest in performing and singing, leading him to perform in school plays and musicals while growing up. We may even have been friends. [27] The publication eventually named the episode of the show following the election of Donald Trump one of the best individual podcast episodes of the year 2016. Guess. I dont know if the Beasties even were the trigger for that. The only thing I hear is mimimi, masked as ha ha ha. If that wasnt the case, than why did Bernie get bossed around by those 2 black women ? Answer (1 of 2): He tried to stand up for himself against the Hollywood Brendan Fraser said he was blacklisted after accusing former Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk of sexual assault in 2003. My advice would be to go easy on them, since a high percentage could end up turning to the alt-right (or whatever we call ourselves now) some day. The reason Im telling you all this is so you can be confident that I am completely sincere and have nothing but your best interests at heart when I say that you absolutely have to lose the Jews. Thousands of little English girls have been raped and some murdered exclusively by Pakistani Muslims in England and the left tried to cover the whole thing up for the sake of diversity when the Muslims where asked why they where raping English girls they stated (because they are white English whores !) [29], The Advocate praised the show for its "scathing, hilarious, erudite analysis on politics and media from a far-left perspective", and favorably analogized the thrill of listening to how Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh make their right-wing fans feel. Thinking in terms of systems is something youre supposed to eventually grow out of. learn some brevity, right-cucks, LMAO thats how I found this cack, too. 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