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  1. I would like to start working on a few more events for August. Another drum circle and maybe just a few small evening concerts. I noticed there are alot of empty sundays that I’ll ask about at the next meeting.

  2. Next year a rec men’s softball league at the park on fridays would be great! It’s a shame that field doesn’t get more use other than church league.

  3. I am upset to see that my daughter has to play on a grass infield now since the new girls softball field has a grass infield being put in. Not one field in the state of ohio that girls play on has a grass infield. Sad that the Athletic director nor my daughters coach has been contacted for input on this site that our school district has put money into. Instead the park is taking input for Steve Dawson?? Who has his own agenda on things. Do the right thing and as the athletic director and head softball coach for input before everything is complete

  4. Nice web site. Just wondering how far it is if you walk the circle in mileage. That would be helpful to know under the walking circle info. Thanks!

    • As far as we know it is. However, we have not yet been given the details. We did send a request for this information, so hopefully we will hear soon. In the meantime, you might be able to find out more information by visiting the “Praise in the Park” Facebook page. Please click the link below.

      Praise in the Park Facebook Page

  5. Time to update the website…….. regarding contact people etc. who is the new super????
    I feel that he should be recognized for his good work with park……… It looks great…….. What about new and future park activities????????

    • The super will be updated today. As for events, I cannot update them until those holding them send me information to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience. – Amy Hissom

      • The Red Cross offered swimming lessons at the pool when I was a young girl. I was even a teacher for them. However, I don;t think they do it anymore. I live right by the pool and the only ones I see there early in the morning are those that are practicing for the Dolphin’s Swim Team. Swimming lessons is another question for the Mayor. It might be a good idea to encourage him to get that going again! Good luck!

    • Yes, there is a cost, but I am not quite sure what it is now. I do know that they also offer a yearly pass at a reduced rate. Please check out our contact page for the information to the Mayor’s office. He is the person who runs the swimming pool. His office will give you all the details. Once you get them, will you please comment back here what you find out so that I can add that info to this site?

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